Chronology of KLA’s Terrorism and Aggression
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April 22: Blagoje Okulic, a Serb refugee from Croatia, was sitting with a friend in a cafe when a masked member of the KLA opened fire on the customers with an automatic weapon. Okulic and two other guest latter died in hospital. He was the first victim of the KLA. Armand Daci (20), an ethnic Albanian student in dentistry school, was shot and killed by a sniper fire.

June 16: In an attack against a police patrol near Podujevo police officer Goran Mitrovic was heavily wounded.

June 17: Around 11:55 PM a police patrol in the village of Sipolje near Kosovska Mitrovica was attacked, resulting in the killing of Predrag Djordjevic (28) from Krusevac, and the wounding of Zoran Vukocic (30) from Nis. Police officer Predrag Djordjevic left his wife and child. The same day a bomb was hurled at the police station in Luzani, and the police officers on duty in the station were fired on by automatic weapons. No one was injured.

July 11: One hour after midnight in the center of Podujevo terrorists carried out an armed attack against police officers, resulting in a heavy wounding of police officer Sredoje Radojevic.

August 2: Armed attack on three police stations in Pristina, Podujevo and the village of Krpimej around 10 PM

August 28: Three bombs were hurled in the village of Celopek (border of the towns Pec-Klina-Decani), around 3 AM. No one was injured. In the village of Donje Ljupce police inspector Ejup Bajgora (44), an ethnic Albanian who worked at the Pristina Precinct, was shot and killed.

August 31: In the night hours two bombs were hurled into the courtyard of the Yugoslav Army’s barracks in Vucitrn. In the village of Rudnik, Srbica municipality an armed attack was carried out on the police station. In Podujevo, police officers at the juncture of the road Pristina-Podujevo-Kursumlija were fired on. No one was hit. The police station in Glogovac was fired on with automatic weapons.

October 25: Two police officers were killed by automatic weapons near the village of Surkis in the Podujevo municipality Milos Nikolic (34), a police inspector of the Pristina Precinct, and Dragan Rakic from the village of Velika Reka, who was a police officer in the reserves and a manager of a company in Podujevo. KLA terrorist killed police officer Milos Nikolic in the front of his house.

November 16: In the village of Rznic, Decani municipality, around 10:30 PM a terrorist attack was carried out on the police station. No one was killed.

December 26: Faik Belopolja, an ethnic Albanian from Podujevo who was a forest worker in the Serbia Forest Service - "Srbija Sume", was shot and killed.


January 9: In the center of Podujevo at 5:30 PM Malic Saholi (52), an ethnic Albanian who was the manager of the superamarket "Vocar" and a deputy in the municipal council of Podujevo as a member of the Socialist Party of Serbia, was shot and killed.

January 11: In the Vucitrn village of Mijalic, around 7 PM more than 26 bullets were fired at the house of Ljubisa Mitrovic. No one was killed.

January 13: Fazil Hasani, an ethnic Albanian forest worker from the village of Brabonic, Srbica municipality was shot in the neck. KLA terrorists killed him and issued a statement denouncing Hasani as a "traitor".

January 16: Using remote-controlled explosives, the KLA attempted to assassinate the Dean of Pristina University, Mr. Radovan Papovic, at 8 AM as he was driving to the University. Both he and his driver Nikola Lalic were heavily wounded. The explosives were set off when their car was some 50 meters from Dean Papovic’s apartment in Pristina.

January 17: In the village of Reketnica, Srbica municipality, at 1 AM, ethnic Albanian Zen Durmisi (52) was shot and killed and his son Nazmi Durmisi was heavily wounded. The Durmisi family was labeled "pro-Yugoslav" by the terrorist KLA.

February 1: KLA terrorists from a moving vehicle fired on police officers. The officers fired back and killed all three terrorists.

March 5: At 10:47 AM, in front of the Pristina University School of Languages, a bomb in a container exploded. Four people were wounded, two ethnic Albanians Adrijana Dremka and Lindita Maksuti and two ethnic Serbs, Borivoje Popovic and Ivan Maksimovic. A second explosives device weighing 4.2 kilograms, which had been placed at the base of the Vuk Karadzic monument in front of the School of Languages, was found and deactivated by members of the Anti-Ballistics Unit of the Pristina Precinct.

March 21: Around 8 PM, in the center of Podujevo, KLA terrorists fired five shots at police officer Branislav Milovanovic, wounding him heavily. In a statement, the KLA claimed responsibility denouncing officer Milovanovic as a "Serbian policeman, well known blood-sucker and anti-Albanian".

March 25: Near the village Sicevo, Klina municipality, a group of attackers killed ethnic Albanians Jusuf Haljiljaj and Fehmi Haziraj (who were well known as loyal citizens of Serbia) and wounded ethnic Albanian Mehmet Gasi.

April 10: In the village of Banjica near Glogovac, using automatic firearms, KLA terrorists killed ethnic Albanian Ramiz Ljeka, who worked at the Glogovac Municipal Council.

May 6: Around 10:30 PM in the village of Lozica near Klina, ethnic Albanian Hetem Dobruna (30), a farmer from the village, was shot and killed.

May 16: In Srbica near Kosovska Mitrovica police officers Miomir Kicovic and Radisav Blanic were shot and heavily wounded.

June 19: On the Pristina - Podujevo - Nis road near the village of Donje Ljupce in the Podujevo municipality, terrorists fired 12 bullets from automatic weapons at a police patrol. No one was injured.

July 3: In the village of Trstenik, Glogovac municipality, in the early morning hours the KLA shot and killed ethnic Albanian Ali Calapek, a farmer who was a member of the Socialist Party of Serbia and a member of the local Election Commission in the 1996 elections.

July 21: The Assistant District Attorney in Pec, Miroljub Petrovic, was shot and killed.

August 3: A police vehicle was fired on at 7 PM, in the village of Bradis, which is 10 kilometers from Podujevo.

August 4: At 9:30 AM, on the road from the village of Rudnik to Srbica, KLA terrorists from Drenica fired on a police vehicle using automatic weapons. Police officers Milomir Dodic and Zoran Boskovic were heavily wounded, and a civilian who was in the car was lightly wounded.

August 23: Forest worker Sadi Morina, employee in Serbian Forest Service - "Srbija Sume", an ethnic Albanian, was killed in Srbica. Mr. Morina had already been receiving threats from KLA terrorists for a long time because he remained to work "in the service of Serbia".

August 24: In the village of Zub near Djakovica an ethnic Albanian, Kcira Ndue (32), was shot and killed, while his brother Bekim Ndue was wounded. The police station in the village of Rznic near Decani was sprayed with gunfire.

September 2: At 10:55 PM Ljimon Krasnici, an ethnic Albanian denounced by the KLA terrorists as a "traitor", was killed in his home.

September 12: A dozen attacks were carried out on police stations in the municipalities of Pec, Glogovac, Decani, and Djakovica around 11 PM No one was injured.

September 13: Around 10 PM a hand grenade was hurled at the police station in Luzano, near Podujevo.

September 14: A hand grenade was hurled at the police station in Kijevo, near Klina.

September 23: Around 11 AM in the vicinity of the village of Kijevo, the KLA opened fire on a motorized police patrol. Milan Stanojevic, the commander of the Djakovica Precinct, was in the vehicle. No one was injured.

October 13: The police station in Calopek near Pec was attacked.

October 16: Around 1:30 AM there was a terrorist attack on the police station in the village of Klincina, which lies on the road Pec-Pristina. Adrijan Krasnici (25) from Vranovci near Pec died in the ensuing gun battle.

October 17: Around 1 AM the residential community Babaloc, located between Decani and Djakovica, where 120 Serbian refugee families who fled from Albania several years ago are situated, was attacked.

October 20: The KLA claimed responsibility for attacks on police stations in Babaloc, Calopek, and Klincina, as well as police patrols in Gerlica near Urosevac and Balinac near Klina.

November 18: Around 7 PM in the village of Komoran near Glogovac, Camil Gasi, an ethnic Albanian deputy in the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and the chairman of the Municipal Board of the Socialist Party of Serbia for Glogovac, was wounded heavily. His driver was wounded as well.

November 25: KLA terrorists held the police station in Srbica surrounded for 15 hours. Around 7 PM in Decani, and after midnight in the village of Rznic, two terrorist attacks were carried out in which police officer Dragic Davidovic (32) from Berane was killed, and Ljubisa Ilic from Srbica, also a policeman, was heavily wounded. Police officer Dragic Davidovic was father of three children. Bojan Trboljevac from Leposavic, Srdjan Pavlovic (26) from Zubin Potok, and Nedeljko Aksentijevic (30) from Kragujevac were lightly wounded.

December 4: The KLA claimed responsibility for an attack on Pristina Airport, claiming that it shot down a "Cessna 310" on November 26 killing all five people on-board.

December 15: Around 1 AM on the road Srbica-Klina three masked KLA terrorists stopped a convoy of three cars with 16 Serbian civilian passengers. According to the civilians’ testimonies, the terrorists who were armed with machine-guns and hand grenades threatened them with death.

December 19: Around 6 PM on the road Klina-Srbica, near the village of Josanica, eight masked and heavily armed KLA terrorists stopped the car of the civilian Milan Sapic from Lazarevac threatening, insulting, and searching his family and him.

December 25: Two terrorist attacks were carried out shortly after 3 PM against police officers in the Podujevo municipality: In the village of Zakut a police vehicle was fired on, and in the center of Podujevo explosives devices were hurled at the residential building where police officers live. There were no victims.


January 4: The KLA claimed responsibility for a series of terrorist activities in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: planting a bomb in front of the police station in Prilep, which caused no injuries but demolished five cars; attacking the police station in Kumanovo; and attacking the Municipal Court in Gostivar on December 16, ‘97.

January 9: Around 9:10 PM in the village of Stepenice, municipality of Klina, unidentified perpetrators ambushed and killed with machine guns Djordje Belic (49) from the same village while he was in the back yard of his family home. Belic was the head of one of the three remaining Serbian households in that village.

January 12: Around 8 AM, in the vicinity of the village Gradac near Glogovac in Drenica, forest worker Sejdi Muja (51), employee in Serbian Forest Service - "Srbija Sume", an ethnic Albanian, was shot and killed. He and another Albanian had been stopped by a masked and armed three member group of KLA terrorists, and after checking his ID card established that Muja was on their list of "traitors". They dragged him out of the car and shot him by firing 28 shots into him from a machine gun, leaving his body by the road. He was a "traitor" just because he worked in the Serbia Forest Service. Around 00:05 AM, in Stimlje a terrorist attack was launched with machine guns on a building (former primary school) in which 6 police officers of Stimlje Police and their families live. No one was injured in the attack. Out of a total of 30 shots fired, 10 hit the building with 2 of them ending up inside the apartment of police officer Vesko Ristovic.

January 13: The KLA issued a statement stating that its headquarters was in Pristina, announced that it would expand its actions into Montenegro. Around 12:15 AM in the territory of the Kozice village, municipality of Srbica, seven masked people armed with machine guns intercepted around a TV mast Jordan Nicic, forest worker of Serbian Forest Service - "Srbija Sume", territory of Srbica. They asked him to light them a cigarette. One of them caught both of his arms from behind while the other attacker took his gun from the belt in order to threaten him and forbid him to come to this area.

January 14: The headquarters of the Socialist Party of Serbia for Djakovica were stoned overnight, January 13/14. All windows were broken. These were greetings for the "Serbian New Year" which is marked on January 13.

January 16: Around 5:30 PM in the village of Lausa, municipality of Srbica, three unidentified attackers stopped a "Mercedes" motor car bearing German number plates, driven by Djavid Salja (49) of Pristina. His girlfriend was with him in the car. Unidentified perpetrators wearing camouflage uniforms and black hoods on their heads, armed with machine guns, took Salja out of the vehicle telling him that he went to spy on them and that they were going to execute him. They told him get in the car with them and he obeyed. After driving for several kilometers, the vehicle got stuck in the mud, the hooded gunman took Salja out and beat him with rifle butts, punched him and kicked him all over his body inflicting minor bodily harm on him and they walked away.

January 19: In Srbica all graves at the Serbian Orthodox Cemetery were desecrated and vandalized. The monuments at the graves were completely destroyed.

January 21: Enver Hoti of the Josanica village, municipality of Klina, reported to the duty officer at Klina police station, Pec PD, that at about 3 PM, he noticed a "Mercedes" car, registration KM 65-85, on the village road leading to the village of Bica. A male body was in the car. A police team with the investigating judge of the District Court in Pec went to the site. They established that the victim was Desimir Vasic (50) of the village of Korilje, Municipality of Zvecan, was an entrepreneur and councilor in the Zvecan Council. The Albanian terrorists fired 26 shots into him from machine gun.

January 22: After a KLA patrol had been stopping, harassing, and threatening citizens with death in the Srbica municipality the previous night, there was a confrontation between that patrol and a patrol of police officers. While chasing the KLA terrorists, who barricaded themselves in the house of Saban Jasari in the village of Donji Prekaz near Srbica, police officers killed the terrorist Hasan Mandzol and lightly wounded two Jasari brothers. A three-member KLA group kidnapped the taxi driver Metus Skodru, an ethnic Albanian, and then took his cab, an Audi 90. They told him he could buy his cab back if he showed up at a designated place at a designated time, under the threat that he would be liquidated if he called the police. Around 1 PM in the village of Lausa, municipality of Srbica, five unidentified hooded persons armed with machine guns (one of them was wearing a camouflage uniform) stopped an official car owned by DP "Kosovo sirovina". The manager of the company Dragutin Pavicevic and his driver Petko Sarevic were in the car. The unidentified perpetrators checked their ID's and searched the car and the passengers. They introduced themselves as members of the KLA. While the car was searched there were another 10 armed terrorists on the elevation on their left-hand side. Around 2:50 PM in the village of Lausa, municipality of Srbica, hooded persons armed with machine guns intercepted and "Opel-vectra" vehicle having Kosovska Mitrovica number plates and driven by Dragisa Rakic (48) of the village of Zupce, Municipality of Zubin Potok. After the vehicle was stopped, eight other persons wearing civilian clothes and hoods emerged from the undergrowth nearby. They also carried machine guns. After checking the ID and searching Dragisa Rakic and another ethnic Albanian whom the former picked up as a hitchhiker in the nearby village of Lausa, they swore at them and cursed them. Rakic was also issued a threat not to drive in the territory of the "Kosovo Republic". In the region of Watchtower D. Jankovic, one person illegally penetrated Yugoslav territory for 100 metres. When stopped, he fled towards the Albanian border throwing down a bag containing an automatic gun and 910 bullets.

January 23: In the night, on the road Srbica-Klina near the village of Josanica, Desimir Vasic, a deputy in the Municipal Assembly of Zvecan was shot and killed. On the same road, the same night, near the village Lausa Blagoje Nikolivc (47) from the village of Drsnik near Klina was severely beaten until he became unconscious. During the same night, KLA terrorists stopped, harassed, and threatened with death a group of Serbian women heading to Monastery Devic.

January 24: At around 7:50 PM, in the village of Malisevo, municipality of Orahovac, unidentified perpetrators carried out a terrorist attack with machine guns on the police patrol of Orahovac police within the Prizren PD. The patrolling officers were Bozidar Damjanovic, Zvonko Djordjevic and Goran Miladinovic who were in an official moving vehicle. The police officers returned fire with machine guns. Police officers Damjanovic and Djordjevic were wounded.

January 25: In the village of Turicevac, municipality Srbica, at around 7:30 PM, seven unidentified hooded persons wearing camouflage uniforms and armed with machine guns entered the shop where Haljim Sahiti of the village of Gornji Obilic, Municipality of Srbica, is a watchman. At gunpoint they took away Haljim's hunting rifle and handgun and they drove away in "Golf" and "Ascona" vehicles. Later at around 8:40 PM, in the village of Grabanica, municipality of Klina, a terrorist attack was mounted with a rocket launcher on the house owned by Jagos Djuricic of Klina police. A rocket was fired on the house from wooded area from a distance of about 200 metres. The roof was hit and the ensuing explosion caused a material damage of some 1500 DM. At the time of the blast, his wife with two small children was in the house. There were no casualties.

January 26: In the vicinity of the village of Turicevac, which is located between Klina and Srbica, KLA terrorists opened fire using automatic weapons on a helicopter belonging to Serbia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. Around 8:55 PM in the Danilo Kis Street in Urosevac, unidentified perpetrators threw an explosive into the backyard of the family home of Sinisa Marjanovic, where (in a separate house in the same backyard) a security officer from Urosevac Rajko Doder lives with his wife. There were no casualties.

January 27: Two unidentified persons in fatigues, around 7 AM, in the vicinity of the village of Banjica, municipality of Glogovac, intercepted Isuf Kukic from Trstenik village, who was hunting. They seized his gun and left the scene for an unknown destination. Around 11:30 AM at the place of Turicevac, municipality of Srbica, unidentified persons stopped "Zastava 640" freight truck having Kraljevo number plates and driven by Veroslav Vukojicic and his neighbors Radmila and Zvezdana Vukajlovicof Raska. The unidentified persons of whom one wore camouflage uniform trousers and all armed with machine guns took away Vukojicic's ID documents, his bank card, 500 DMand a wrist watch while checking his identity. They beat him with machine guns and rubber truncheons inflicting slight injuries to his head. Around 12:50 PM within the territory of the Turicevac village, municipality Srbica, small arms fire was opened by several terrorists at the Republic of Serbia Interior Ministry's helicopter. Apart from the crew, officers of the Pristina PD Vlado Todorovic, Slavisa Manojlovic, Dragan Besevic and Bratislav Dikic were also on board. In order to repel the attack, the police officers returned fire with machine guns, automatic rifles and handguns. After landing, the crew noticed that the helicopter took a hit in the engine area.

January 28:  At around 6:20 AM in the village of Istinic, municipality of Decani, authorized officers of Decani police and Pec security officers searched the family home of Arif Tahirsuljaj in order to arrest members of this family who belonged to an illegal hostile organization and to confiscate the weapons they held illegally. While the police were closing in on the house brothers Naser (20) and Arben Tahirsuljaj (18) opened fire from the second floor with an automatic rifle and handgun at two Pec security officers and three police officers. Police officer Ilija Buric was hit but the bullet lodged in his flak-jacket and he remained unscathed. Decani police officers and Pec security officers opened fire to repel the attack and no one was injured. The search of the house found an automatic rifle with ammunition, three handguns, an air rifle, hunting ammunition, 150 g of gunpowder, one army rucksack, a gas mask and a "pony" binoculars which were all confiscated. The attackers were taken into custody and handed over to Pec security officers. That evening, KLA terrorists fired at the house of Dragoljub Spasic in the village of Sibovac near Obilic.

February 2: In Kosovska Mitrovica Nebojsa Vlahovic (36) was heavily beaten in front of his flat.

February 5: In the village Studenica, near Istok, terrorist attacked Studenica Hvostanska monastery.

February 8: Ten masked gunmen armed with automatic rifles, at around 10 PM came to the backyard of a family house owned by Ramaj Redjep (48) in the village of Trdevac, municipality of Glogovac. They threatened Ramaj demanding his hunting rifle and gun that he had license for and his father Sinan obeyed. After surrendering the arms the unidentified persons said they were members of the KLA.

February 10: A group of KLA terrorists appeared at a fundraising event for the KLA in New York City. They received funding from over 150 Albanians attending the event. On that occasion, the KLA terrorists proclaimed that they had killed 50 Serbian police officers and "corrupt" Albanians in 1997. Between 7 PM and 8 PM a number of masked gunmen entered the houses owned by Muljaj Ramadan, Kukuci Imer, Kukuci Salih, Kukuci Bajram and Kukuci Rizah in the village of Trstenik, municipality Glogovac and threatening them with arms demanded that they surrendered arms. They complied and gave them a hunting rifles for which they all had proper licenses.

February 12: Around 10 AM in the village of Turicevac, municipality of Srbica, a passenger vehicle "Moskvich Aleko" with foreign registration plates was stopped. The car was driven a Bulgarian national Angel Borisov (35) and he had two other passengers in the car. Their vehicle was stopped by another "Lada" vehicle with no registration plates, which overtook the first car. An unidentified person armed with an automatic rifle and a handgun came out of the car. He ordered them to turn the vehicle and take the first side road. The driver asked them that Marija Petrova and Atanaska Lazareva do not go with them, as they were afraid. The unidentified person that order Angel to go over to "Lada" by himself and they took the side road. They put some sort of a hood on Angels head. After a while, Angel was released. Nothing was taken from Bulgarian nationals.

February 13: Around 7 AM in the village of Gornje Obrinje, municipality of Glogovac, Mustaf Kurtaj (27) from the same village, employ of the post office was killed by the Albanian terrorists. A few unidentified persons waited for Mustafa on a bus station at the time when he usually left for work and shot him several times from an automatic rifle. Prior to this, he had been repeatedly warned by KLA terrorists that they would kill him unless he quit his job at the state-run post office. A number of masked gunmen came to the house owned by Bibaj Mikelj from the village of Renovac, around 10 PM municipality Klina, and threatening him with arms asked Mikelj, former police officer of Kosovska Mitrovica PD, to surrender arms. Since he did not have any, they took him to the house of Hilj Jaku from whom they seized a hunting rifle threatening him with arms and a handgun from his son Jaku Marjan. After that the went to the house of Merdita Pren from whom they sized a hunting rifle, then to the house of Kuci Djerdj and seized a handgun, and Lek two hunting guns and a gun from the house of Kciraj Zef a hunting rifle. Around 11 PM a number of masked gunmen came to the house owned by Lek Kuci in the village of Leskovac, municipality of Klina, and threatened Kuci asking him to surrender arms. He complied and gave them two hunting rifles and a handgun. Jonus Velici, working as tax collector was heavily beaten in Klina.

February 15: Nik Abdulahu, an ethnic Albanian employee of the Serbia Electric Utility, was shot and killed while at work, at the electricity substation in the village of Staro Cikatovo near Glogovac.

February 16: At 6 AM unidentified persons fired from Albanian territory several rounds (at least five) on Yugoslav territory in the direction of Watchtower Dejan Radanovic, Djakovica. Several bullets landed on the roof of the watchtower without causing any damage.Around noon in the village of Lausa, municipality of Srbica, 3 unidentified gunmen armed with automatic rifles stopped a freight vehicle bearing Novi Pazar registration plates, driven by Idajet Camic accompanied by Alibasic Nusret. The unidentified persons asked them to produce ID's and let them go. At around 10:35 PM at the security check point in the village of Pogradje, municipality of Klina, 5-6 unidentified perpetrators staged a terrorist attack with machine guns on the Republic of Serbia Interior Ministry officers. Police officers used firearms to repel the attack. No police officer sustained any injuries. On the Skadar Lake (Boyo 16), a boat with three persons came from the direction of Albania, illegally penetrating Yugoslav territorial waters for 150 metres.

February 18: In the night terrorists collected firearms from ethnic Albanians in Drenica, for whom they suspected that they did not support their cause. Those who did not turn over their weapons were given a deadline to do so, "otherwise," they were told, "you will be shot". The police checkpoint near the village Dobre Vode in the Klina municipality was attacked with automatic weapons.

February 19: KLA terrorists hurled bombs at a refugee center in Decani housing Serbian civilians who were ethnically cleansed from Croatia. Around 3:55 PM on the Kosovska Mitrovica-Pec road, at the Kec Potok location, municipality of Srbica, three masked gunmen stopped a passenger car driven by Zoran Boskovic of Srbica police. Having searched the car and passengers in it, they took away Boskovic's official weapon and allowed them to continue their journey to Kosovska Mitrovica. Around 3:30 PM on the Podujevo-Pristina motor road, near the village of Donje Ljupce, municipality of Podujevo, unidentified terrorists ambushed a moving passenger car, killing Nebojsa Cvejic (34), a Pristina security police officer. He left three month pregnant wife. Around 4 PM in the village of Vitak, municipality of Srbica, five persons stopped a passenger vehicle driven by Tomasevic Goran (27) from the village of Suvo Grlo, and then the "Kosovotrans" bus operating Srbica-Suvo Grlo direction, which came in the meantime. They order all passengers whose surnames were Tomasevic, Kovacevic and Jokic to come out of the bus. After they got out, they lined them up and threatened that they would shoot them. After a while they allowed them to proceed. Around 8 PM on the Klina-Djakovica road near the village of Kramovik, municipality of Orahovac, five masked gunmen stopped a passenger car driven by Milenko Kandic of Decani police. Goran Perisic of the Krstovac village, municipality of Pec, was Kandic's passenger. Believing to be inspected by police officers, Kandic showed his official ID and the unidentified perpetrators order him out of the vehicle and physically attacked him and his passenger Perisic. Fifteen minutes later, they ordered them back into the vehicle and told them not report the case to the police because they would be killed. In village Pogradje ethnic Albanian Rifat Chuaeu was heavaly beaten and robed in his supermarket by KLA terrorist.

February 20: Around 1:30 PM on the Klina-Srbica road, in the village of Lausa, municipality of Srbica, a number of masked gunmen launched a terrorist attack on persons riding in a freight motor vehicle bearing Kosovska Mitrovica registration plates. The attack was carried out by automatic firearms, and Murat Dajakaj (38) from Rakitica village, riding in a co-driver seat was killed whereas driver Miletic Milan (53) continued to drive unharmed. On the road Srbica-Klina, near the village of Lausa at around 4 PM, municipality Srbica, unidentified masked persons carried out a terrorist attack against persons riding in a freight vehicle with Prizren registration plates, killing from automatic weapons Ristic Milorad (60) from Djakovica, while Djuricic Zdravko (42) from Velika Hoca, municipality of Orahovac sustained minor injuries. Around 7 PM four unidentified masked persons armed with automatic rifles came to the house of Krasnici Haljit from Gladno Selo, municipality of Glogovac, and seized his hunting rifle for which he had a proper license. Around 10:00 PM in the village of Berkovo, municipality of Klina, unidentified perpetrators fired several sots from machine guns in the direction of the home of Labud Zivkovic, a police officer from Klina, Pec PD. At the time of the attack, Zivkovic was about to go to work. Machine gun fire was opened from an unidentified passenger vehicle that sped away at high speed in the direction of Klina. There were no casualties.

February 21: At around 3 PM unidentified persons in a "Lada" vehicle came to the house of Recaj Alija and after a brief conversation took him to the above placed and killed him by an automatic rifle. He had refused to give in to the KLA’s earlier warnings and blackmail that he quit his job. Near farm "Dobra voda", municipality Klina, around 5:45 PM three unidentified persons killed Recaj Alija (38) from the Sicevo village, municipality of Klina.

February 22: Around 7 PM two unidentified masked persons armed with automatic rifles presenting themselves as KLA came to the house of Beris Hazir in the village of Gladno Selo, municipality of Glogovac, threatened and took a hunting rifle from Hazir for which he had a proper licence.

February 26: Using hand grenades and automatic weapons, terrorists attacked Serbian refugees from Albania housed in the refugee camp Babaloc, located on the road Decani - Djakovica.

February 27: KLA terrorists attacked the houses in Srbica where Serbian refugees from Croatia are temporarily housed. At Monastery Devic, KLA terrorists harassed the head nun for 30 minutes. They ordered her to tell the police that they will all be killed. A KLA warehouse containing 12 kilograms of explosives with clocks, several trunks of shells and over 120 rocket launchers was discovered in Prizren. Several terrorists were arrested. Around 9:50 PM in the Kralja Petra Street in Srbica unidentified perpetrators staged a terrorist attack on police officers providing security protection to a facility accommodating displaced persons. The attack was carried out with machine guns. Police officers used firearms to repel the attack. There were no injuries on the part of police officers in the attack.

February 28: Refugee center at Babaloc near Decani were targeted by KLA terrorist, that was second attack that week and fifth this year. Between 11:30 AM and 12:20 PM on the Likosane village road, municipality of Glogovac three simultaneous armed terrorist attacks were launched by Albanian separatists on the police. At about 11:30 AM a Ministry official car was ambushed and attacked with rocket launchers and machine guns. Police officers Goran Milicevic, Milan Simic and Milan Djeric were in the vehicle. The nearest police patrol went to the scene to rescue them and was attacked in the village of Likosane for the second time. Police officers Miroslav Vujkovic (27) father of two, and Goran Radojcic (29) father of six months old baby, were killed and police officers Pavle Damjanovic and Slavisa Matejic were seriously wounded. An armoured vehicle was sent to the village as a back-up to the patrol under attack. While approaching the village at about 12:20 PM, the vehicle was attacked from nearby houses with a rocket launcher and machine guns. After these attacks, Interior Ministry officers sealed off the facilities and the area where the attacks were perpetrated. During the blockade and catching of terrorists, police officers Milan Jovanovic (27) and Radoica Ivanovic (28), father of tree (5 year old doughtier and two sons of four and two years) were gravely wounded and they succumbed to the injuries they received. The terrorists opened fire at the Interior Ministry helicopter from which police officers returned fire. In order to repulse the attack police officers used fire arms and killed 16 terrorists while catching nine of them. Interior Ministry officials took five persons into custody in Prizren. They found larger amounts of weapons, mines and explosives as well as other devices intended for terrorist acts hidden by them. In addition, the searches of the area and the houses from where armed terrorist attacks on police officers were mounted as well as the facilities used by terrorists, revealed two machine guns, four rifles, 130 hand grenades, 24 mortar shells, 13 kilograms of explosives, 40 detonating caps, 16 boxes of fuse, three timers, about 3,000 rounds of ammunition and 80 hand grenade detonators. Around 7:10 PM in the village of Donji Ratis, municipality of Decani, a terrorist attack on the house of Culafic Nastadin was launched by unidentified persons. They fired a cumulative grenade from a distance of 30 m from his house. It hit the roof and made a crater in the wall. After that the unidentified attackers fired several burst of fire, three of them hit the house. There were no injured persons. Material damage is estimated at 700DM. Around 7:40 PM in the village of Donji Ratis, municipality of Decani, a terrorist attack was launched on the house owned by Cazim Salja. The perpetrators were several unidentified persons who fired a rocket from a portable rocket-launcher. The shell hit the roof of the house, inflicting minor material damage. There were no injuries.

March 1: House of Serb Nede Nedovica came under attack of KLA. Refugee center in Decani was bomb again. House of ethnic Gani Shalje was attack with hand grandees. Around 9:50 PM the Krpimej police station, Podujevo PD, came under an armed terrorist attack. An unidentified perpetrator fired a burst of machine gun fire in the direction of the police station. Police officers returned fire. There were no injuries in the attack. Around 10.15 PM, in the village of Erec, municipality of Djakovica, an armed terrorist attack was staged against the home of Tomislav Lukic (59), a retired police officer. The perpetrators were several Albanian terrorists who fired one self-propelling rocket and several shots from a machine gun hitting the house while the owner was in it. No one was injured.

March 2: In the village Krusevac near Pec Bosko (18) and Prko Boskovic, father and son were heavily beaten. University library in Pristina was stoned. In the village Istok four members of KLA broke to house of Imer Ferizja (60) and stole his lifetime saving of 700 DM. He refused to pay ‘tax’ to terrorist. Using wood sticks KLA heavily beat his wife Bianka (58) and granddaughter Nisena (16). Later that day in the village Pogranje, Renovac and Leskovac terrorist carry weapon action. They took legally own hunting riffles from Albanians Lek Kuci, Marjan Jakaj, Pren Mirditaj, Kolj Kciraj and Djerdj Kuci. Mikelj Bobaj and Rifat Cupeljaj, Albanians of catholic religion who did not support terrorism were heavily beaten. Around 1 AM in the village of Dobri Do, municipality of Klina, one shell was fired into the roof of the family home owned by Radmila Belic inflicting material damage. Several rounds were also fired from machine guns in the direction of the house. She is wife of Djordje Belic; a Serb killed on 9th January. Around 1:10 AM, in the village of Bec, municipality of Djakovica, a terrorist attack was launched with a rocket launcher and machine guns at the houses of Blagoje Djakovic, Radisav Mitic and Bosko Lakic. There were no casualties. Around 1:30 AM, in the village of Papracani, municipality of Decani, a terrorist attack was mounted with a rocket launcher and machine guns at the house owned by Gani Salja. The roof and the wall of the house were damaged. There were no injuries in the attack. Around 2 AM, in the village of Dolovo, municipality of Klina, the home of Dragoje Garic came under attack from a rocket launcher. One shell was fired which hit the roof damaging it. There were no casualties. Around 2:30 AM, in the village of Crmljane, municipality of Djakovica, a terrorist attack was launched with a rocket launcher, machine guns, and a hand grenade which did not explode. The target of the attack was the house owned by Radenko Fatic that was damaged in the attack. There were no injured persons. Fatic's son Branislav returned fire from a rifle, shooting at the terrorists. At the same time in the village of Kpuz, municipality of Klina, several rounds of machine gun fire were fired at the house owned by Dragan Nenadovic, hitting the facade and roof. At a distance of about 200 m from the house, one unfired shell was found. There were no casualties. Around 4 PM, in the village of Donji Ratis, municipality of Decani, several Albanian terrorists launched an armed terrorist attack at Slobodan Prascevic (53) of Djakovica, a retired police commander of Rznic police station, Decani DP. The terrorists ambushed him and fired several shots from machine guns at the car driven by Prascevic while Igbal Tahiraj and his son Antun Tahiraj, both from Donji Ratis, were in the vehicle. Prascevic was killed and Igbal Tahiraj sustained serious injuries. In the village of Erec, municipality Djakovica, around 4:15 AM, terrorist attack was staged with a rocket launcher and machine guns at the house owned by Tomislav Lukic (59), retired police officer. His home was damaged. Around 10:30 PM in the village of Krusevac, municipality of Pec, a terrorist attack was staged against Perko Boskovic (47) and his cousin Bosko Boskovic (20), both from the same village. The perpetrators were several Albanian terrorists who surprised them and beat them inflicting serious bodily harm on them.

March 3: In the village Donji Istok tree mask man came to house of Albanian Binska Dekaja (70) asking him for ‘tax’. After he refused to pay them saying that he is poor, they search his house, found his life saving of 100 DM and 35 DIN (Serbian value = 6 DM). He was heavily beaten his wife Aza (72) with heart problems was hiding, died. Same night on the other part of village same killers tried to broke to house of Idriza Buljeskaja, dog stop them. After killing dog they run, and neighbor Ali Kabsi (18) persecuted them. They fired shots and hurled hand grenades at him, he was heavily wounded. By police information in this area KLA terrorist robed ethnic Albanians for a 15000 DM.

March 4: In the village Jasici near Decani terrorist killed Kadrija Jasicia forest worker in Serbian Forest Service - "Srbija Sume", from that village. Hi was loyal Albanian in service to Serbia.

March 5: In the village Ljubidzi near Istok barn of Slobodan Radivojevic was burnt. In the village Donji Prekaz near Srbica one of KLA leaders Adem Jasari (sentence on 20 years of jail for murders) was killed with more then 26 terrorists. Fights began in the village Lausa but terrorist escaped to their stronghold in Donji Prekaz. Two policemen Rade Radakovic (36) father of four year old doughtier and year old son, and Andreas Koncarevic (25) were killed by terrorist. Police arrested five Albanians Begus Isufa Bajrami (34), Mehmed Isajama Memcaj (64), Hajrim Osmana Cengaj (30), Hestat Ise Berisa (26) and Dzevat Ahmeta Berisa (37). Police officers Zeljko Mrdalj, Zivko Tomic, Predrag Fabijanic, Nenad Sare, Zeljko Pavasovic,
2>Nenad Vujosevic, Stevo Bogojevic and Miodrag Krtinic were heavaly wounded. Latter that day terrorist attacked with bombs house of Milija Premomovic in village Celopek near Pec.

March 6: In the village Ljubidzi near Istok unknown terrorist fire shots at Ivica Blagojevic.

March 7: Albanians shops that didn’t obey KLA directive ‘no one works’ were destroyed in Pristina and Pec. At 1:35 AM in the region of Watchtower Morina, Djakovica, three armed persons illegally crossed into Yugoslavia. During the search for them, at 5 PM a group of armed persons (at least 20) opened fire from Albanian territory in the direction of the Yugoslav Army patrol. The patrol returned fire and the armed persons withdrew deeper into Albanian territory. There were no casualties.

March 11: Two etnic Albanian womans got hurt when land mine exploded. KLA set the land mine on the road Srbica - Klina for police patrol.

March 12: Grocery store of ethnic Albanian Redzepi Gunci in Kosovska Mitovica was wreck. House of Pera Delica in the village Ljug Bunar near Djakovica came under attack of KLA terrorist, Delic family responded with fire. The same thing happened to Fatic and Bahovic families in Crimljane near Pec. In the Novo Selo near Pec house of Jusufa Cenaja was shot at. Also Hamza Haziri worker of Serbia Forest Sevice "Srbija Sume" was stabbed. At 11:30 AM the border stone C-4 (53 GRB Djakovica) was turned over. The state mark of FRY was totally destroyed and the mark of the Republic of Albania turned towards FRY. Three masked persons did this.

March 13: Terrorist attacks Albanians of catholic religion, Nikole Marjan from village Petrusan was heavily wounded and his wife Ana lightly.

March 14: Another attack on catholic Albanian, Milica Toma.

March 15: At 1:30 PM, unidentified persons violated the territorial waters of the Bojana river 300 metres downriver from Watchtower Bojana, 10 GRB Zoganj. The persons approached the watchtower's dock and attempted to steal a plastic boat. After warnings by border guards in the watchtower, fire was opened from the boat and from Albanian territory in the direction of the dock and the watchtower. The boat then drifted into the Albanian territorial waters of the Bojana river. There were no casualties.

March 16: Near village Kijevo at around 8:20 PM police patrol was attacked, terrorists were using bombs and machine guns. Police officer Sinisa Arandjel was lightly wounded. Mihamet Avdijaja from village Gramocelj near Decani member of KLA was arrested. He was responsible war numbers of attacks on Serbian families and Albanians who don’t support KLA.

March 17: Terrorist robed Blagoje Jovanovic in the village Kosterc near Srbica, his family was harassed too. Later that day store of Zenelja Abazija was bomb, he didn’t close his shop as KLA ordered.

March 19: Ethnic Albanian demostartors demolish car of Prishtina TV station and stoned houses of Serbs.

March 20: Mehmet Memcaja (34), Djemsita Krasnici (35), Dzeveta Berisa (37) Begusa Bajrami(30), Isa Berisa(35) and Hajredin Cangaja (35) were arrested in Prizren. They formed terrorist organization ‘People front for Kosovo Republic’, and they planed to plant a bomb to czar Dusan monument, explosive device failed to activate. In the village Brochno betwean Klina and Srbica KLA attacked police patrol.

March 23: KLA terrorist gang with thirty members came from Albania illegally cross Serbian bored in the night of 22.-23. March, killed one police officer Miodrag Otovic (37). Police responded killing two terrorist - Hisen and Artan Mahmetaj and latter arresting one Rasia Selmani, capturing over 5000 bullets, Albanian uniforms and equipment. Miodrag Otovic was father of two, 13 year old doughtier and 10 year old son. This attack was no accident. It was well planed - the plan was to provoke much bigger police anti terrorist action, that would brought sanctions for Serbia because Contact Group meeting was schedule for that week. Sultan terrorist leader, who was in charge after Adem Jasari was killed. In the village Dubrava house of the only remains Serb family Obradovic was attacked. In the house of Elmira Haridinaja were terrorist base was settled, police killed tree terrorist and arrested eleven. Police officers Valencia Radosavljevic and Filip Raicevic were lightly wounded.

March 24: Police officers Rajko Rajkovic and Sinisa Vidic were heavaly wounded and officers Filip Raicevic, Slobodan Jokic, Milan Jevitc, Miroslav Vulic and Vladica Radosavljevic lightly at around 3:45 PM in village Glodjane. Police was attacked by hand grenades and sniper fire.

March 25: Another KLA terrorist gang try to cross Serbian - Albanian border near Djakovica, this time they attacked post of Yugoslav Army. No one of soldiers was hurt, but terrorist had heavy losses. In Djakovica house of family Obradovic was bombed again, this time targets were ten children from Obradovic family. Police patrol in the near village Kijevo police patrol was attacked. In the village Hercegovo near Vucitrn, Serb Andrija Jokanovic (61) was attack by KLA terrorist.

April 1: A group of Albanian citizens violated Yugoslav territory in the region of Watchtower Krstac, Prizren. After the border patrols intervened, the group withdrew into Albania.

April 2, 3: An unidentified aircraft from Albania along the Suva Reka - Pristina route, violated Yugoslav air space. This proves that Albania is supporting terrorism, and provoking military intervention of Yugoslav side.

April 4: Six ethnic Albanians were found dead on the Malisevo-Orahovac road near the village of Carevac. Their families reported them missing from April 2nd. They were loyal to Serbian State, tortured, beaten and then killed by KLA. Salji Berisa, Bajram Berisa, Fadilj Zogaj, Ramadan Zogaj, Brahim Zogaj and Brahim Suljaj were shot dead from an automatic weapon. The remaining terrorists in Drenica launched three attacks on a police check point near the village of Josanica and another one in the village of Brocna. The terrorists opened sniper and automatic gunfire at the police. No one was hurt in the attacks.

April 7: An Albanian citizen entered Yugoslav territory in the region of Watchtower Danilo Jankovic. After the Yugoslav border patrols intervened, he threw down his bag and fled into Albania. The bag contained an automatic gun and three rounds of bullets.

April 8: Masked persons armed with automatic rifles presenting themselves as KLA came to the houses of Hadzi and Murat Kajtazaj, Gani Kamberaj, Isen Bajrami, Feriz , Aziz, and Idriz Samaj in the village of Suvi Lukovac, municipality of Istok, threatened and took a hunting rifles for which thay had a proper licences.

April 9: KLA strike again on ethnic Albanians loyal to Serbia. Gutna Adem, Ibro Vajt, Veselin Adbija, all Albanians loyal to Serbia, member of parliament and miss Krstic Rada. Attack happened on the road of Suva Reka - Stimlje. Luckily no one was killed.

April 13: One policeman - Budimir Spasic was slightly wounded in an attack on the Serbian police station in the Pristina suburb of Vranjevac late on night. Eye witnesses said that assailants hurled hand grenades into the yard of the police station before escaping in a waiting car. In the village Budisavci, KLA broken to house of Uke Nazaj, ethinc Albanian. They kidnaped his son Radman and his wife Zoju. Raadman was hurrased and beaten up for several hours, and his mother Zoju Nazaj was rapped in front of him.

April 14: Police officer Dragos Tomovic was heavaly wounded in village Donje Stanovce.

April 15: In the village Stupelj near Klina a large group of mask terrorist broke to house of one gypsy family asking father of the family to give them weapons. After searching his house they found photo of Serbian deputy minister and leader of Radical party Vojislav Seselj, he was heavily beaten, then order to eat that photo. His 16 year old doughtier Z.B. was raped. They said "that is punishment for supporting Serbs".

April 16: Border patrol came across a group of smugglers transporting weapons on seven mules. They were warned loudly to surrender, but responded with machine gun fire. The army patrol then opened fire. They subsequently confiscated about 60 automatic rifles, four heavy machine guns, about 100 hand grenades and more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition. About ten masked terrorists attacked a household in the village of Iglarevo. The assailants took the family of Ramadan Baljaj into the yard of the house and demanded that Baljaj hand over all the weapons he had. Baljaj refused and the terrorists opened fire with machine guns. Baljaj returned the fire. He later told police that one of the attackers was killed and another injured. 60 year old Baljaj was also seriously injured and was taken to a Pristina hospital.

April 18: Three ethnic Serbs were attacked. Dragoslav and Mijat Stojanovic and Veselin Stikovic had been kidnapped and beaten by a group of about 20 armed ethnic Albanians while trying to retrieve their personal belongings from their homes in the village of Dubrava, near Decani. The three men said the attackers took them to a nearby village and pummeled them with wooden and metal clubs. Doctors from a hospital in Pristina, the provincial capital, have confirmed the seriousness of the injuries and report that one of the men remains in critical condition. Five masked and armed men stopped a private touring bus on the road between Urosevac and Gnjilane in Kosovo. The bus, which was carrying passengers from the province who work outside of Yugoslavia, was stopped at a improvised roadblock set up by the bandits. The five men, who spoke Albanian, ordered the passengers to get off the vehicle and lie on the ground. The bandits succeeded in taken around 10,000 DM from the passengers who were then allowed to return to the bus and sent on their way. The bus driver and passengers report that the robbers wore military uniforms and were carrying machine guns.

April 19: About 200 terrorist attacked refugee camp Babaloc near Decani, were 123 Serbian families had been settled. Houses were heavily damaged. Near Djakovica KLA terrorist fired shots of the bus and passengers. No one was hurt.

April 20: Yugoslav border patrols had stopped another group of arms smugglers at the Albanian border. Group of terrorists had been stopped attempting to smuggle weaponry into Yugoslavia. That a group of terrorists had attacked the army patrol with grenades and machine guns before fleeing into Albanian territory. Families of Vukajlo and Miso Scepalovic are being held as hostages of KLA terrorist. After numerous attacks on their houses they tried escaping from their village Ljubarda. They were stopped near village Pozar, were terrorist told them to consider themselves as hostages. Albanian terrorist started their ethnic cleansing campaign in Srbica area. Serbs are being attacked, threatened with dead and family members are being held as hostages.

April 21: KLA terrorist again attacked refugee settlement Babaloc. Family's Ivanovic from Maznik, Stijovic and Dabetic from Ljumbarda are being kidnapped and hold as hostages by KLA.

April 22: Albanian nationals armed with machine guns opened fire on Yugoslav Army troops near the Yugoslav Albanian border. Two terrorists were killed and seven wounded. In the village Dasinovac near Decani a large group of Albanian terrorist kidnapped Rosa and her son Sinisa Radosevic, and in near by village Ljumbarda they kidnapped Novak Stiljovic. They were harassed and brutally beaten in the village Glodjane, later terrorist left them near Prilep, Decani. Families Fatic and Babovic, village Crljanje, Djakovica responded to terrorist attack on their houses. Near village Babaloc terrorist set up barricade and attacked army border patrol.

April 23: Police exchanged fire with Albanian terrorist in the village of Babaloc, terrorist attacked a police checkpoint. Albanian terrorists were armed with mortars and possibly anti-tank rocket launchers, which have been smuggled from Albania. Terrorist tried to attack Serbian refugees in that area. In the Dasinovac robed houses of Dasic and Markovic families and kidnapped Milos Radunovic father of the family. Around 5:45 AM, in the range of watchtower Kosare, a larger group of armed persons attempted to infiltrate the territory of Yugoslavia (around 200 persons led by Maljoki Naim, officer of the former Yugoslav People's Army). After they were ordered to halt, the persons opened fire on Yugoslav border guards. Fire was returned and the group broke into smaller ones. Twenty-two persons were eliminated and two Gazmend Tahiri (28) and Iber Metaj (37) from Erech village were caught. Identified killed KLA terrorist are Shefcet Alilaj (29), Bekim Alilaj, Hasan Tahiraj, Hajdar Skender (28), Gazmend Ramaj (26), Uk Sabani, Sadik Alilaj, Hasar Dinaj, Hajdar Tacaj (38), Vebi Hasanaj (31) all from village Erech. Army found ID cards of Gzim (22), Armendu (30) Hajdedjonaj, Beci (30), Imer Ljokaj (28) from village Slup, Bekim Mazrekaj (22), Dzemail Mazrekaj (29) from Decani. After combing the area, large quantities of arms and military equipment were found. The border unit did not sustain any casualties. At 8:45 AM, in the range of watchtowers Maja Conbani and Mitar Vojnovic, an armed group attempted to infiltrate from Albania into Yugoslavia. When ordered to halt, they opened fire on Yugoslav border guards. The Yugoslav border guards returned fire and the group withdrew to Albanian territory. Yugoslav border guards did not sustain any casualties. Serb Radomir Ivanovic was kiddnaped from the village Mazoik.

April 24: Large group of Albanian KLA terrorist attacked police patrol in the village Turicevac near Klina. Policeman Milan Tenic (34) was killed, police officer Gligoreije Milanovic was heavily wounded and Miroslav Miletic lightly. In the village Klincina near Pec KLA terrorists killed Albanian Cerima Desku, he was loyal to Serbia and he voted on referendum. Families of ethnic Albanians catholic religion Mona, Zefra, Nua, Djona and Paska Aljijaja escaped from village Donji Ratis near Decani after they're been threaten with dead by KLA terrorist. Police patrol was attacked near Klincin. Terrorist targeted scoop station on Lake Radonjic near Djakovica. Main target was a soldier and magazine of chlorine, they tried to generate ecological catastrophe.

April 25: Army came under fire near Lake Radonjic, close to the town of Djakovica. A Yugoslav Army statement said that the bullet volley lasted more than four hours. The Metropolitan of Montenegro and Adriatic coastal region Amfilohije and a group of nuns from Montenegrin convents accompanying him were intercepted twice by armed ethnic Albanians. In the vicinity of the railway station Mala Krusa, between Prizren and Orahovac, 45 minutes after midnight an attack was carried out on a police checkpoint and two policemen were wounded. Fire was opened from an arm-held rocket launcher, from a BMW with foreign registration plates. Policemen Bojan Nikolic, wounded in the neck and shoulder, and Srdjan Ilic, wounded in the arm. Police was attacked in Turicevac, Srbica and one of attackers Avni Salja was heavily wounded and arrested. In the village Donji Ratis Serbian church Holy Trinity was bomb. Attack on a police checkpoint near Kijevo, on the Pristina-Pec road. The attack took place around 6 PM. Fire was opened from the nearby woods. One shell exploded near the checkpoint, lightly wounding one policeman Predrag Djukic. At around 10 PM, unidentified persons fired a shell from an arm-held rocket launcher which hit a window of hotel Toplice in Podujevo. Fortunately no one was hurt. The hotel is situated near a police checkpoint in Podujevo. Near Yugoslav Albanian border in Ponosovac, police arrested two terrorists, which illegally crossed the border, other two escaped. Albanian separatist try smuggling weapons on Montenegrin side of border near Kusti, they were stopped by border patrol. KLA terrorist kiddnaped Branko Stamatovic(69) near Decani, together with sistes Vujosevic.

April 26: Ruzdi Ladrovci, an Albanian employed as a security guard in the Feronikl company, was killed in the village of Globare, near Glogovac. Ladrovci was ambushed and shot with an automatic gun. On the road Pristina Pec, KLA attacked police patrol around 10 AM, police officer Slavisa Ivezic was heavaly wounded. On the road Klina - Djakovica KLA attacked journalist Risrada Bilski from Poland and Ljupce Neckova from Bulgarian national TV. At 9:45 PM in the range of watchtower Gorozup, an armed group (10-15 persons) illegally infiltrated from Albanian territory to Yugoslav territory, carrying ammunition and infantry weapons caliber 7,62 mm (6 cases), hand grenades (6 cases), shells for arm-held rocket launchers and two 82 mm mortar supporters. Yugoslav Army border guards opened fire on the group. The group broke up and under the cover of heavy fog fled to Albanian territory. The border guards did not sustain any casualties.

April 27: Early in the morning a group of ethnic Albanian terrorists attacked the house of Ramadan Baljaj (59), employed at the Serbia Forest Service - "Srbija Sume", in the village of Iglarevo near Klina in another attempt to kill him after their previous attempt failed 12 days ago. Although he has not fully recovered from injuries inflicted on him in the previous attack, Baljaj succeeded in defending his family and capturing two terrorists, who were later taken over by the police in Klina. Refugee camp Babaloc came under attack once again. In terrorist attacks on a Yugoslav Army border guard unit between watchtowers Kosare and General Pavle Ilic, around 3 AM, three terrorists were killed and four taken prisoner. "Terrorists are armed and equipped in the Albanian town of Tropoja, under the command of Kujti Berisha", said Fadilj Dabicaj, who has been arrested, he added that about 1,000 ethnic Albanians from Kosovo and Metohija had been trained and armed for terrorist acts in Tropoja, between April 23 and 26. Kujti Berisha, who leads the entire operation, is nephew of Sali Berisha, the president of the Democratic Party of Albania, the biggest opposition party in the Albanian parliament. Dabicaj said about 60 people from the village of Prilep were forced on April 22, on pain of death, to go to Albania. Berisha told the Kosovo Albanians at the camp not to "listen to (ethnic Albanian leader) Ibrahim Rugova, because he is no good, but to Adem Demachi and Luletu Pulja Bachiri," said Dabicaj. After spending three days in the camp, the group bought arms with their own money - 15 guns, 20 bombs and two cases of mines, and then practiced handling the weapons. They were ordered to return to Kosovo with the arms within six days, "because Serbia wants to take Kosovo," said Dabicaj. Among the weapons seized are 12 automatic guns, a large quantity of ammunition and explosive devices, and a considerable quantity of military equipment. In the border incident, professional soldiers Dragan Milojkovic (26) and Dragan Djordjevic (29) from Nis sustained light wounds. At 4:30 AM, in the range of watchtower Cestak, a diversion-terrorist group attempted to infiltrate Yugoslav territory from Albania. After it was ordered to halt by Yugoslav Army border guards, the group threw away the equipment and under the cover of fog withdrew to Albanian territory. On the spot were found three rucksacks containing one disassembled gun, ammunition and other equipment. The border guards did not sustain any casualties. At 9:30 AM, in the range of watchtower Gorozup, an armed group entered Yugoslav territory, firing 6 machinegun bursts towards the territory of Yugoslavia. While withdrawing, they threw three hand grenades in the direction of Yugoslav border guards. The group withdrew to the territory of the Republic of Albania. At around 10:45 AM, Yugoslav Army border guards spotted two motor vehicles with 14 persons and two TV cameras, probably for filming the situation in the border area, approaching the range of Albanian watchtower Pogaj. Automatic guns were fired on the car of the Japanese embassy in Belgrade near the village of Lausi on the Klina-Srbica road in Drenica. The attack wounded one of the escorts of the Japanese diplomat who was in the vehicle.

April 28: KLA attacked Radman Baljaj for the third time.

April 29: A group of terrorists on night attacked a Serb police patrol near the village of Dulje, the clash left one policeman seriously wounded and other Sasa Jovanovic (26), was killed as unidentified persons opened fire with a hand-held rocket launcher at the police post at Dulje from a several-hundred-meter distance. Ethnic Albanian demolished cars of foreign journalist in Pristina hotel "Grand", which didn’t support their course

April 30: The bodies of two Serbs had been found by the road in a village near Decani. They have been identified as Milos Radunovic and Slobodan Radosevic who had been reported kidnapped by armed Albanians on April 22. It is not known when the men were killed nor when the bodies had been left by the road. Dead men’s families were afraid to go to the village of Dasinovac to collect the bodies. It was also reported that other Serbs, including the wife of one of the men, who were kidnapped at the same time had been returned to their villages alive, but still hold as hostages in their houses. Family Dasic in village Donji Rats are still being held as hostages by KLA. Brothers Igor (21), Slobodan (17) and Vladan (31) Mikic, captured by ethnic Albanian terrorists five days ago, returned home to Klina. The terrorists escorted the Mikics back to the village of Bica near Klina where they were taken captive on April 26th. The Mikic brothers are reportedly in good condition. At around 9:30 PM near Djakovica KLA targeted police. They missed police and wounded one child.

May 1:Police officer Dobrivoje Krstic was lightly wounded around 3:30 AM when KLA attacked police near village Turicevac, Srbica. Terrorist opened sniper fire on police patrol.

May 2: Serbian police collided with unidentified armed attackers on the road between Pristina and Pec. Additional police were sent to the area, accompanied by an armoured vehicle, to assist the patrol. Ethnic Albanian terrorists attacked the police station in Rudnik near Srbica from mortars and automatic weapons at about 11 PM. The terrorists fired from several directions for an hour and fled after police responded. None of the police officers were injured and several ethnic Albanian terrorists are believed to be hurt. The terrorists' grenades damaged several houses around the station. Police has launched an intensive search for the perpetrators. Rudnik is situated 12 km southwest of Srbica. Yugoslav Army stopped another terrorist group on Border. Ethnic Albanians in Kacanic try lynching on Albanian Mahmut Damrisu, who is loyal to Serbia. One of attackers Bajrus Tafilji try to stab him in the back, but Mahmut opened fire and killed Bajrus.

May 3: Five policemen Dejan Vucic, Ivica Jovanovic, Dejan Stevanovic, Djuro Stanojcic i Iso Agovic were seriously wounded when a group of ethnic Albanian terrorists attacked their patrol at the village of Ponosevac near Djakovica, at around 10:15 AM.

May 4: Serb police forces surrounded about 200 armed KLA terrorist in the village of Ponosevac, near Djakovica. The move followed two days of rifle and mortar fire from positions in the village. Ponosevac is only about ten kilometers from the Albanian border.

May 5: The body of a fifty-year-old male, who was tortured before being killed, was discovered by the Glogovac-Srbica road. The police said there were quite a few head injuries on the body. Four bullet shells were found next to the body. According to what has been established by the investigation so far, the murder was committed elsewhere and the body was dumped was it was found. It is suspected that the bullet shells were planted so that it would seem that the body was lying at the scene of the crime. Police found the body of Serb Nenad Jaredic (28), a Dobra Voda post office employee, on the road Pristina-Pec near the village of Orlate, at 5:30 AM. Jaredic’s family reported him missing after he failed to return home from work. Investigative organs of the Pristina district court confirmed that Jaredic’s throat had been slit and that he had been shot in the head from an automatic weapon. There were torture marks on his body, and his hands had evidently been tied. The investigative organs estimate that Jaredic had been tortured and killed somewhere else and that his body was then dumped from an automobile near Orlate An armed gang of ethnic Albanian terrorists attacked the house of the Basot family in the village of Bobovac, municipality of Klina, and killed Nazif Basot. Basot was known in his environment as a loyal citizen of Serbia. Family members told the police that a dozen armed men opened automatic gunfire on the house. They are presumed to be the same terrorists who have carried out a number of attacks on the police and civilians in surrounding villages. On the road Glogovac - Srbica when reporters came to see body of a fifty-year-old male, KLA attacked them. Yugoslav bored patrol, came under attack from Yugoslav side by KLA sniper

May 6: One police officer was killed and two seriously injured in an attack launched 45 minutes after midnight in the center of Kosovska Mitrovica. Milovan Nikolic (24) from the village of Leposavici was killed, and the wounded officers are Darko Ivaz and Jovica Jovic who were transferred to the Kosovska Mitrovica hospital. Darko Ivaz died latter in hospital. Machine-gun fire was opened on the police patrol car during its regular duties in the center of Kosovska Mitrovica, near the bus station. The car was hit in several places. In the ensuing crossfire, also killed was one of the attackers Artim Jasari (24), close cousin of Adem Jasari, KLA leader from Drenica, killed in March. Yugoslav border guards arrested two nationals of neighboring Albania. The two Albanians, Kujtim Bardoshi (35) and Vehbi Peshk-Malaj (52), an explosive expert, were arrested just after noon in Yugoslav territory, in the 100-m border zone in the area of the Chafa Prushit crossing. Military investigators have elicited that the two were involved in arming ethnic Albanians, being trained in Albania and infiltrating armed groups into Yugoslavia. Terrorists fired at the house of reporter Dragutin Prentic at about 10 PM. No one was hurt. The blast hit the roof of the house and part of a wall above the bedroom window. The house of Dragutin Prentic, who works for the Jedinstvo newspaper, is situated in the village of Mej. His neighbors are Catholic ethnics Albanians. Only two Serb families live in Mej. The bodies of two elderly Albanians were found in the river Decanska Bistrica. Police found the bodies in the town of Decani. The two men, Bakan Sabanaj Cacaj (79) and Hajdar Kucija (77) had been reported missing. According to a forensic report, the two had been tortured and mutilated before death. The families of both men were known to have been loyal to the Serbian Government. Police were attacked on the road Pec Decane near Brabe and one of attacker Rifat Isail Salja (30) was killed. Four other attackers were arrested later. Police suffer miner injurious.

May 7: Yugoslav border guards thwarted Albanian terrorists attempt to infiltrate into the territory of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the area of the Gorozup border post at around 3:30 AM. In line with their authority, the border guards returned automatic gunfire to the terrorists, forcing them to retreat deep into the Albanian territory. The terrorists left behind carts loaded with 20 crates of hand grenades, 3 automatic guns and more than 3,000 bullets. There were no casualties among the Yugoslav border guards. Soldier Djula Dorin serving with the Yugoslav army Plav garrison in Montenegro was killed in a terrorist attack on a Yugoslav border patrolin the area of the Bogicevica border post. Despite every effort being made to save his life, Dorin succumbed to injuries. Dorin, who came from the village of Banatsko Novo Selo in Vojvodina, started his military service in December 1997. According to the statement, the attack took place at around 11 AM when a large terrorist group ambushed the Yugoslav border patrol in the border zone on the slopes of Mt. Bogicevica at an altitude of 2,000 metres about 1,200 metres inside the Yugoslav territory. The Yugoslav border guards returned fire, killing one terrorist (police identified him as Fatimir Ujup Gasi and KLA as Bahri Fazilu) and wounding several others. The rest of the terrorists dispersed only to launch another attack later. The group was then broken up again and its members withdrew toward the Albanian territory. A worker for the electric power company was killed. The worker, Vehbija Mustafa, was killed in the vicinity of Visoki Decani monastery at about 6:20 PM, when unidentified terrorists ambushed the car he was in, opening fire from automatic weapons. Dragan Djurisic, who works for the forest estate and was with Mustafa in the car - a van owned by the power company in the provincial town of Pec was seriously wounded, Bosko Vlahovic, Esad Numinovic and Miso Mijovic, who were also in the van, were injured. The power company crew was on the way to the Koznjer hydroelectric-power plant to take the night shift. Police officers Goran Kondic (38) and Slavisa Pumpalovic (28) was heavaly wounded in attack on police in Lausa, Srbica around 7 PM.

May 8: Police officer Cedomir Bozovic was wounded at around 11 AM, when a convoy of police vehicles was attacked with automatic rifles, machine guns and mortars on the road Decani Djakovica. On the road Pec Pristina near village Iglarevo police was attacked by KLA terrorists. One of attackers Agim Nasanaj (24) was killed and three others Imer, Dzafer and Miftar Nasaraj were arrested. Two police officers were wounded around 3 PM when a patrol was attacked on the Pristina-Pec road near Balince, about twenty attackers opened fire on the patrol from an ambush and the police responded. Zoran Smiljanic was wounded heavily and officers Srndjan Markovic and Srecko Filipovoc lightly.

May 9: Early in morning, a hand grenade exploded in downtown Pec. The explosion damaged an ambulance and two nearby cars. No one was injured in the blast and local police have begun an investigation. Elsewhere in Kosovo, the dead body of a forester, Abdul Gashi, was found near the town of Klina. His family had reported him missing two days earlier. He was Albanian loyal to Serbia. On the road Pec - Pristina Yugoslav solider Dalibor Jaksic from Knjazevac was wounded. He wear civilian clothes and he was off duty.

May 10: At around 12:15 PM KLA attacked Radisav Tmusic and Savo Rakocevic. They were heavily wounded in KLA attack on their car. Two explosive devices went off in the center of Pec half hour after midnight, causing material damage. One bomb exploded in front of a boutique, owned by Erduhan Krasnici, and the other in front of a restaurant several yards away, owned by Met Krasnici, both of them ethnic Albanians. They didn't obey KLA order not to work. Policeman Dragoljub Ristic (43) was killed in a terrorist attack on a police outpost near a refugee camp Babaloc at 5:30 PM. The attack occurred when groups of armed ethnic Albanians opened fire from surrounding woods on a police outpost on Mt. Suka Erecka which secures the refugee settlement at Babaloc near Decani where refugees from Albania have been accommodated since 1990. The police officer was killed by sniper fire. He was father of two. On a part of the Pristina-Pec road, close to Orlate and Lapusnik villages, armed groups of Albanians occasionally shoot from the automatic weapon and bazookas against the members of the police force and civilian vehicles, from the nearby forests. This was the main reason for closing this section of the Pristina- Pec road. Several attacks against the police and civilian vehicles were recorded on this part of the road during the last two days. The Ahmet Tacij's body, from Lozica village, Klina municipality, who had been kidnapped shortly after midnight, was found. His family reported to the police that the armed, masked men, who spoke Albanian and introduced themselves as the members of KLA, kidnapped Tacij, Taci was killed from the automatic weapon. The police in Klina municipality was reported by a group of Albanian Catholics, that a few masked people had entered their houses and had taken away three hunting rifles and two guns from them, for which they had legal permits issued. Kolj Paljokaj, Mihil Djerdjaj, Barlec Selmanaj, Nrec Gojani and Djerdj Djerdjaj claimed that the masked attackers had introduced themselves as the members of KLA. Three Albanians, Martin Zeljaj, Filip Pjetraj and Gasper Seljmanaj, who possessed three seized hunting rifles and M-48 rifle ammunition, were arrested by the police, the same day, in Poljane village, in Istok municipality.

May 11: A column of police cars came under heavy fire from automatic weapons at Careva Cesma on the Pristina-Pec road at around 7 AM. There were no casualties among the policemen. The policemen fired back, no information is available about whether there were casualties among the attackers.Ethnic Albanian terrorists opened fire with automatic weapons on a car moving along the route linking Kosovska Mitrovica and Pec at about 10 AM seriously wounding three members of a family from a nearby village. Brothers Dragisa and Drakce Deverdzic and their sister Ilinka, from the village of Radisevo, were first taken to hospital in Pec and then transferred to the Clinical Centre in Pristina. Dragisa Deverdzic, employed with Serbia's Post Services said he had recognized some of his neighbors among the terrorists. Brother and sister Dragisa and Ilinka Deverdzic and their cousin Drago Djuric, wounded in terrorist attack by ethnic Albanian extremists on the road Radisevo-Putnik near Srbica, have been transferred to the clinical and hospital Centre of Pristina. Dragisa Deverdzic, a postman, who has a bullet wound in his chest, is in the intensive care unit with good prospects to recover, said head of surgery of this medical Centre Andrija Tomanovic. The Pristina-Pec road is closed to traffic as armed groups of ethnic Albanians fire at passing vehicles. Police arrested 7 terrorist because of attack in Kosovska Mitrovica on May 6th. Nuredin Fazlija, Rahman Beka, Hadzi Bajram Beka, Ismet Plana, Ilir Djemali, Imer Hoti and Abaz Veliju were arrested.

May 12: A terrorist attack against the police occurred close to Pristina downtown at around 4 AM, the police responded and terrorists retreated hid in the nearby house in the Kacanicka Street, making strong hold back by the weapons and bombs. A policeman Svetislav Perovic was wounded during the shooting. Isuf Hajdari (58) from Pristina born in the village of Prapestica was killed. Isuf Hajdari possessed the weapons and ammunition. During the search of the house, in which, the terrorists withdrew in Kacanicka street 17/a, it came as certain that the terroristic base was found, according to ammunition, weapons, explosives and equipment for the terroristic actions. Several automatic riffles of Made in China, an amount of ammunition some 1000, caliber 7,62. 20 hand bombs, and ammunition caliber of 9mm were found at the spot. A large quantity of the medical staff, the knifes, military maps of Kosovo and Pristina section were found together with the military binoculars and compass, as well as, various kinds of camouflage clothing and wigs. A large quantity of the propaganda material and literature, handbooks and sketches for the terroristic training were also found. A strong fire was opened against police car convoy on the road Pristina-Pec, nearby the town Careva Cesma at 7 AM. There were no wounded. Police responded against the fire. The Pristina-Pec road was closed for the traffic, because the armed groups of Albanians shoot the cars. One police officer was killed and another two were seriously wounded in an attack on their patrol near the village of Ratkovac in Orahovac municipality at around 11 AM. Police officer Aleksandar Micic was killed in an ambush, while officers Sasko Djurisic, Rados Soskic and Milivoje Zakic were seriously wounded. Police arrested 12 KLA terrorist because of attacks on police in Orahovac: Hazir Krasnici (38), Amon Kastrati (27), Asim Morina (20), Besim Kastrati (25), Radman Morina (29), Zejnel Rustemi (59), Agim Morina (35), Selim Berisa (36) from village Radoste and Gani Morina (61) Cemail Bitici (34), Hidajet Morina (25), Ehat Bitici (19) from village Dejne.

May 13: A policeman was wounded in an attack against the police patrol that occurred around 10 AM, nearby Dolac village, Klina. The police officer Ranko Nedeljkovic (33), from Pogradje village, was wounded in his arm and was transferred to Pec hospital for further surgery treatment larger group of Albanians started shooting from automatic weapon and throwing hand grenades at the police and Serbian villagers in one of the village quarters. Unidentified attackers shot against the police patrol last night, an hour after midnight, close by the Rakos village, along the road Kosovska Mitrovica - Pec, in Drenica region. There were no wounded among the police officers. At least ten inhabitants of the Smonica village, in the border area towards Albania, were killed because of non-professional handling with riffle grandee. In addition to the above causalities, there were several wounded too, although the information of the number of them missing. Djakovica hospital claimed, the people of the Smonica village did not ask for any medical help, as there is a first-aid department that is not under control of the local medical authorities. There had been a strong conflict between armed Albanians and the police nearby this village ten days ago. In Dobro Selo village, Darko Stefanovic (20) worker of Serbian Electric Utility was attack and wounded.

May 14: Three policemen (Zelimir Jakovljevic, Vekoslav Popovic and Zoran Dabizeljevic) were wounded in clashes with armed groups of Albanians nearby the Zrza village in the area of Orahovac municipality. Wounded policemen were brought to Prizren hospital and according to doctor’s claims they have suffered of light injuries. The clash started with the attack against police patrol about 8:30 AM when one policeman was wounded, soon after that several groups of armed Albanians were shooting against police from the nearby villages. The shooting lasted a few hours. Armed groups of Albanians opened the fire against the police by the automatic weapons and hand launches. It is assumed that there are casualties among the attackers. Zarko Spasic, a worker of the Belacevac coal-pit has been missing since about 10 PM. He went by an off-road vehicle from Belacevac to Slatina to pick-up the second-shift workers, and since then, nobody saw him. 100 KLA terrorist attacked Serbian families in village Kriz, Drenica.

May 15:. A large number of armed Albanians attacked the police check-point firing from the automatic weapons at 1 PM in the Rakos village on the Srbica- Istok road. Police fired back, and after short clash, the attackers ran away. According to the unofficial information, at least three attackers got killed in the clash. Following the attack, the police took control of this part of Drenica. The fire was opened against the police checkpoint close to the Rakos village nearby Drenica, at about 10 PM There were no casualties. The fire was opened against the police check point in Crkolez, in the area of Istok municipality from the nearby Padaliste village by automatic weapons and rifle grenade, at about 10 PM. There were no casualties. Agim Seiti journalist of Pec radio station was attacked in Pec.

May 16: Yugoslav border guard found eight children who entered Yugoslav territory from Albania near Cesta and Krstac border barracks, nearby Dragas town, on Yugoslav - Albanian border, around 7 PM. The boys, 11 to 16 years of age, said to the police that, as they said, "some people forced them to cross the border in order to check presence of the Army in that part of the border". The boys are from Albanian villages Borias and Ordios, nearby the border. They did not have weapons and identity documents.

May 17: Police officer Predrag Ristic was wounded in an attack, made by a group of armed Albanians, at around 8:20 AM, close to Iglarevo village, on the road Pristina – Pec, nearby Klina municipality. The police officer was transported to Pec hospital and doctors said his life has not been jeopardized. The police fired back against the attackers and there have been several killed and wounded among them. Albanian terrorists attacked the Djuricic family house in the Grabanica village, in the territory of Klina municipality, about 12:05 PM. Milivoje Djuricic (49) was badly wounded, and brought to Pec hospital surgery department. Guard of mining company Volujk, Klina was attacked. Villages of Zaimova were attack by KLA. They returned fire and killed one terrorist.

May 18: Ralevic, the only Serbian family in Boksic village nearby Klina, was expelled by the armed group of Albanians, at about 11 AM The four members of Ralevic family stated to municipal authorities in Klina that armed Albanians, who presented themselves as the members of KLA, gave the family half an hour to leave the Boksic village alive. The Ralevic family had packed the most important things and came by tractor to Klina. A group of Albanians with 10 pack horses tried to illegally enter the Albania from the Yugoslavia in the area of Morina border post, west of Djakovica, early morning. As army border guards found out, those Albanians are from the nearby village of Donja Morina, and they intended to reach Tropoj village on the Albanian side. Apparently, they intended to take over packages of weapons and bring them on horses illegally into Yugoslavia. However, they succeed to escape, using the night and bad weather conditions. They hid in the villages of Donja Morina and Molic, as the border guards found out. Yugoslav local-combined-border commission members had been investigating the incident that happened that day around 3:30 PM, when Yugoslav border guards opened fire against two Albanians that tried to infiltrate illegally from Albania to Yugoslavia, and did not respect the border guards halt-warning. During the incident, an infiltrator, named, Irfan Sokoljaj was wounded, while, the other, named; Cabe Basa was cought, as they tried to cross the border illegally. There was a fire opened from the territory of Republic of Albania against the members of Yugoslav local combined commission, nearby the Gora border barracks, close to Dragas municipality, at around 8 PM. Yugoslav border guards fired back. Miss Dostana Shmigic was kidnapped near Srbica by KLA.

May 19: Naim Krasnici, wedding - registrar clerk from the Crni Lug village nearby Klina, was killed in front of the Municipality office in his village around 9 AM. Unidentified persons shot Krasnici. The members of his family informed the police about this crime. It is assumed that Krasnici was killed because he did not hide his loyalty to the Republic of Serbia. During a routine train control, the police found an unusual large amount of oil and sugar with a large group of passengers, , at 1 PM, at Pogradje railway station, on the Pec - Kosovo Polje railroad. Assuming, these groceries could have been used for the illegal trade, the police patrol kept eleven passengers that possessed the groceries at the railway station. The police headquarters confirmed that the passengers were released and sent home after the regular police procedure. A group of armed Albanians stopped the bus on its regular route, nearby Cubrelj village, on the Pec – Kosovska Mitrovica road, at about 3 PM. They took the policeman Dejan Stamenkovic, from the village of Ropotovo, who was among passengers, near Kosovska Kamenica, The group of armed Albanians asked all of the passengers to show their I.D. and took away Stamenkovic only. Stamenkovic was off the duty, and wore civilian clothes. At about 5 PM, ten armed Albanians stopped two trucks that were transporting beer from Pec, near Orlate village, on the Pristina – Pec road. Armed Albanians abused the drivers for half an hour and riddled the trucks by bullets. Truck drivers Rajko Komazec and Slavoljub Jovanovic were heavaly beaten by KLA terrorist. They let them continue the trip afterwards. Unidentified attackers shot the bus of "Djakovica prevoz" from the automatic rifles, at 8 PM, near the Prilip village, nearby Decane. The driver did not stop the bus, but continued driving toward Decane. Driver, ethic Albanian presumes that stopping would mean certain dead to Serbs in bus and save their lives. There were no injured people, although the bus was bullet-riddled. There were only a few passengers. Marko Cerovina worker of Serbian Electrical Utility was attack in Pristina and heavaly beaten.

May 20: About 8:30 PM in the village Smac, municipality of Djakovica, Nedzat Pnisi from the village Damjan was killed. A group of armed Albanians, wearing the uniforms of KLA, dropped into the local shop, where many of the citizens of this village populated by Albanian Catholic, were sitting and talking. According to the eyewitnesses’ statements, they started to shoot from the automatic weapons, yielding "While you drunk, we were fighting for you". Except the killed one, no one was hurt, and the shop was slightly damaged. Local sources state, that KLA members have been trying to force Catholic Albanians to take arms into their hands and join them and that this attack was an attempt of frightening local population. At about 11 PM, the Garic family house was attacked by mortars and automatic weapons fire. The Garic family house is one out of the two Serbian houses, left in the village. They responded on the fire from the house. After half an hour combat, the attackers withdrew. There were no wounded in the attack, and the house was slightly damaged. In the Dolac village, municipality of Klina, Ivan Zaric, with Gurim Bejta and Argon Berisa - local Gypsies community members, went to mill cereals in Grabanica. They were intercepted by an armed group of Albanians who took them away in an unknown direction.Their relatives and the population of Dolac reported this event to the local authorities. Local farm in Glogovac was robed.

May 21: Ethnic Albanian terrorists killed a 15 year old boy in an assault around midnight in the village of Veliko Krusevo, near Klina Dalibor Lazarevic (15) was killed, whereas Dragomir Miljanovic (24), and Slavisa Miljanovic (27), suffered heavy injuries. They underwent surgery at the hospital in Pec, and their conditions are not critical. Ethnic Albanians on night attacked the Arsovic, Slavkovic and Karavelic families in the village of Budisavci, near the town of Klina. No casualties were reported. An armed group of ethnic Albanians intercepted the car of a reporter of the Japanese news agency Kyodo on the Pristina-Pec road in Kosovo and Metohija, three kilometers west of Komorani, at 11:20 AM. The terrorists took the flek jackets of the Kyodo reporter and a local translator who was in the car with him. According to the accounts given by the reporter and the translator, there were eight terrorists who wore the symbols and said they were members of the terrorist KLA. The Japanese journalist and his translator were not maltreated and were allowed to proceed after about ten minutes. Near Kijevo KLA intercepted reporters of Croatian "Jutarnji List", and Czech news agency reporter. They took 300 DM and tape recorder. 8 KLA terrorist intercepted reporter of Reuter's news agency, and photo reporter of Politika Goran Tomasevic. KLA terrorist kidnapped Boro Djurisic and Miroslav Sulevic near Klina. Police patrol was attack near Rakos village.

May 22: Ethnic Albanian terrorists attacked a boarding school in Prizren at around 1:30 AM. There were around 150 pupils and students in the school at the time, and as many Serb refugees from Croatia. There were no casualties. Most of the boarders have left the school. The weapons used in the attack were automatic rifles, of Chinese make. Police found about 30 shells on the site. Ethnic Albanian terrorist gangs opened strong infantry fire around 7 PM on the Serbian villages of Banje and Suvo Grlo in the municipality of Srbica, local residents returned fire, and there were no wounded. At the same time, on a police department in Rudnik fire was opened, from the direction of Kladovnica, from automatic guns, automatic rifles and arm-held rocket launchers. The attack was repelled and there were no casualties among the policemen. In the municipality of Srbica there are 52 villages, and Serbs are still living only in six. The attacked villages Banje and Suvo Grlo are the only larger villages in that municipality where there are Serbs still living. In Banje there are about 95 and in Suvo Grlo 32 Serb households left. In Rudnik, 12 kilometers from Srbica, there are 54 Serb households and over 150 Albanian houses. Body of gypsy Muhamed Sop (39) was found.

May 23: A Yugoslav Army soldier, wearing a uniform, was also on the train, but he, as well as the other passengers, was not abused by the armed Albanians, as the police reported. Ethnic Albanian terrorists from the villages of Gornja Morina and Donja Morina attacked from automatic weapons, sniper rifles, mortars and recoilless guns a column of Yugoslav army vehicles, which was carrying out its regular task of delivering supplies to the Morina border post. A medical vehicle bearing a visible Red Cross mark was in the column in order to enable the regular medical check-up of troops at the border post. The column was ambushed from several bunkers and buildings in the region of the Smonica village. The terrorists used small arms, snipers, mortars and hand-held rocket launchers. Yugoslav Third Army said in a statement that the attack had taken place at about 11 AM and that it had been repeated from the villages of Popovac and Smonica near Djakovica when the column returned from the Morina border post about 1.30 PM In order to protect themselves, Yugoslav Army members returned fire both times and captured a number of terrorists who had participated in the attack - Imeri Gazmendi (22), Ahmet Avni (24), Aron Sulja (28), Zumberaj Nedzdet (24) i Sadrija Sulejman (21) from Ponosevac. Yugoslav Army members suffered no consequences. A group of armed Albanias attacked the train on the Kosovo Polje-Pec line, at Banjica station, west of Glogovac, at 1:30 PM. According to the information, the armed Albanians, who had labels of KLA, had conducted the search of the passengers and, during the occasion, took away Ivan Bulatovic from Pec. Bulatovic was an officer of the Serbian police in Glogovac, and he was traveling in civilian clothes with his wife. Him, and his wife, entered the train in the Glogovac station. At the moment of his kidnapping, his wife was not abused. She claimed that Bulatovic was killed immediately, but the other passengers stated to the police that it was not true, and that he was bitten by the kidnapers and taken away.

May 24: Police captured Riza Mazrekaja (30), Ramiza Toljaja (54), Rasima Huljaja (24), from Prilipa, Baskima Tautaja (27) from Donji Crnobreg, Tasilja Mazrekaja (35) and Hamza Mazrekaja (32) from Drenovac, and body of Sefced Seciri (26) from Boksica near Klina was found. They attacked police.

May 25: Slobodan Kostic a worker of Serbian Electric Utility was heavily wounded, and Momcilo Antic and Dimitrije Radovic were lightly wounded on the Pec - Pristina road between the Streoce and Ljubenic village, at about 8 AM. It was fired from an ambush by automatic weapons while driving for their job. The wounded people were brought to Pec hospital and doctors said the wounds were not life threatening. Police officers Rade Popadic from Sabac and Nikola Jovanovic from Ljubovija disappeared in the area close to Babaloc village, nearby Decani. They went by police car toward the Junik direction. It has been assumed that, the policemen were kidnapped by the armed groups of Albanians, who'd made several armed actions in this area in the last two weeks. The car of Gojko Gojkovic, a policeman from Djakovica was fired from the nearby forest by the automatic weapons, nearby the village Istinic, at 8:30 AM. Gojkovic is not harmed. Miladin Novakovic, a Police department chief in Junik village, was wounded at 9 AM, on the Djakovica-Decane road. He was on his way to work, when armed group of Albanians attacked him shooting by automatic weapons. Novakovic resisted and fired back. After two hours of fighting, he succeeded to reach the nearest police check- point on foot. Policeman Dragoljub Djukic (34) was severely wounded in the attack that occurred at 4 PM, near Streoce village, nearby Decane. Djukic was shot at his chest by a sniper rifle. According to the unofficial information, he was wounded during the attack against the police patrol, conducted by the groups of armed Albanians from the nearby forests. Fire was opened several times against the police and civilian cars, near this village, . He succumbed the wounds at 7 PM in the Pec hospital. He was father of two. The attack against Yugoslav Army members, who are guarding the state border, happened nearby the barrack Morina, west from Djakovica, at about 5:30 PM. The attack was made by the automatic weapons and light mortars. The soldiers responded on the fire, and according to claims, broke down the armed groups. There were no casualties among the soldiers. KLA terrorist expelled Vujosevic family from Crni Breg village and Stamenkovic family from Prilep.

May 26: The automatic rifle fire was opened against the car driven by Anastasia, mother superior of Devic monastery, around 10 AM in the Lausa village, nearby Srbica in Drenica region. Another nun was in the car too. The nun and mother superior were not injured. There was one shot against the car only. Mother superior was on her way to Srbica to invite the workers of Serbia Electric Utility to repair the damage on the electrical ducts, since the Monastery had been without the electricity for two days. The police discovered a secret storage of weapon and ammunition in Prizren. The storage mentioned was in the Nadjif Iljazi house, the president of the illegal Independent Albanian Students Union. Five automatic rifles, some hand grenade launchers, hand grenades, and large quantity of China made ammunition were found. Nadjif Iljazi is at run, and the three students Leonora Morina (21), Behafe Gafuljari (22) and Jehone Krasnici (22) of the illegal Prizren Senior High School of Pedagogy were arrested in the house, in which, the hidden weapon were found. At around 9:30 PM in village Bela Crkva police station was attack, three KLA terrorist were killed and one was arrested.

May 27: KLA sniper in Decani killed Julka and Veljko Nedeljkovic. In Pristina militarily truck was wreck and driver Srdjan Vasic was heavaly beaten. Shmigic Radomir (54) and Vidosova (72) were kidnapped. They are family of Miss Dostana, who was kidnapped on May 18.

May 28: Charges of preparing and carrying out the act of terrorism were also risen against Mahir Kasi (29), from Pec, Ganija Dalaveraj, (23), from the village of Stupelj, Klina district, Bedrija Manaji (32), from Klina and Arbon Deskaj (32), from Klina. The previously mentioned prepared an attack on a column of Serbian Interior Ministry vehicles driving along the Pec-Pristina road. The attack was, however, prevented by a timely police action. A large quantity of bombs and explosive devices was seized during the arrest. An investigation will also be carried out on Arten Imeraj (26), from the village of Crkolez, Istok district, on charges of carrying out a terrorist attack, together with a large group of terrorists, on Serbian Interior Ministry members on May 18 near the village of Padaliste.

May 29: Police units, protecting the convoy that was transporting the supplies of Decani and the Decani refugee camp, were attacked on the road between the Ljubenic and Streoce villages at around 5AM. The attack was made from several directions and from a number of nearby houses. The attackers fired against the police convoy by automatic weapon, sniper rifles and hand grenade launchers. The police fired back and the convoy continued its trip towards Decani. Simultaneously, an attack was also made against the police station in Celopek village. The police units took over energetic actions in breaking apart the terrorist attacks. A policeman was killed and one was wounded in attack against the police station in Celopek village, situated on the road Pec – Decani. The killed policeman, name is Dragan Bjelanovic (24), while the wounded one is Radojica Jankovic and his wounds are not life threatening. Dragan Bjelanovic left his wife and two month son. The police broke apart armed groups of Albanians, that attacked the Celopek police station and food supply convoy, assigned for the Decane citizens, this morning at about 5 PM. Police forces are completely controlling the road Pec – Decane – Djakovica. The Yugoslav Army reported that three of its men died Dragan Ignjatovic (26) Vojkan Matic (21) and Dusan Tasic (20) and two more were injured Djordjevic Vladica (25) and Milosavljevic Zarko, after a group of soldiers stumbled upon a live land mine set by KLA. The Army responded quickly and rounded up11 Albanians. Police patrol was fired at in Glogovac from mosque in Glogovac.

May 30: The armed provocations have been continued on the State borderline between Djakovica and Decani. Sporadic fire was lasting for almost a whole day. Armed groups of Albanians attacked police checkpoints by automatic weapon and grenade launchers, and the police responded on fire. Policeman Milivoje Banjac from Prizren was wounded in the clashes. He was taken care of in the Prizren Hospital, and his life is out of danger, according to the doctors on duty observations. The number of casualties and wounded on Albanian side is not officially known, but, according to the Albanian sources in Pristina, at least three Albanians were killed in Drenica and in Metohija region alongside the border. Body of Milan Zivic (70) was found in Vucitrn. He was retired worker of Serbian Forest Service "Srbija Sume". He was killed by KLA terrorist who beat him up. His neighbor ethnic Albanian Saban Imeri reported this to police. At around 9:30 PM in the village Susica ethnic Albanian was attack with fire armes. Police arrsete two KLA terrorist responsible for the attack - Shaban (41) and Hisen(23) Salinaj.

May 31: The police in the villages of Vranovac, Istinic, Beleg, and Crnobreg, Decani came under a strong fire in morning. Police fired back and killed several tens of terrorists. Albanian sources also confirmed, there were casualties in the clashes of the police and the groups of armed Albanians in the border area, between Djakovica and Decane. Claims have been made, there are wounded and number of houses were on fire. Policeman, named, Tomislav Fatic (25) was killed in Poklek village, nearby Glogovac in Drenica, about 3 PM. He was shot from the ambush by the automatic weapons. Policeman, named, Dusan Urosevic was badly wounded in the attack against the police, made by the armed groups of Albanians in the Decane area. He latter succumbed his wounds at VMA (Military Medicine Academy) in Belgrade. Policemen, Slavko Tomasevic and Dragan Stojanac were lightly wounded, in the same area. The police, guarding Pec-Djakovica road, came under the automatic gun, hand launcher and mortar fire several times . The police evacuated the civilians from the villages of the Decane area, because of the large concentration of Albanian armed groups. The police officers broke down, neutralized several terroristic groups, and made them ran off toward Malisevo, Klina, Orahovac, and Drenica. Foreign mercenaries from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania, reportedly, were among them.

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